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Valencia with Children


Children of all ages will always have something to do in Valencia. The city has the best gardens and parks, where kids can play and enjoy the facilities especially created for them.

Children in Valencia will never get bored since the city has an infinite number of places and options to enjoy family entertainment. Our city has many places and parks offering various activities for children of all ages.

Valencia's climate is ideal for activities with children outdoors. Therefore we present the best gardens and parks for children, where they can play and enjoy the facilities especially created for them.

Jardines de Viveros

These gardens are closed to traffic. Besides the gardens are surrounded by trees, whose tenants are birds of all kinds. In Viveros there are swings, slides and even a small road equipped for children, so they can familiarize themselves in a playful way with traffic signals. The garden also has a skating rink, ideal for learners who are taking their first steps.

La Glorieta

It is a small playground, with slides and seesaws.  Pads on the floor around the playground have been installed to avoid unwanted injuries.

El Gulliver

It is closed to traffic, it is located in the Jardin del Turia and is famous for its numerous slides of all shapes.

Parque Mortadelo y Filemon

This park has swings, rotating wheels, a slide in a tube and a space shuttle, in which the children can cross the playground from one end to another safely sliding along a rope and cable.

Jardin Blancanieves

Another theme park for children in Valencia is the Jardin Blancanieves, Snowwhite Garden. All the elements of the area are inspired by the story. In the park is the home of the dwarfs, where children can play. There is also the castle of Snow White, where the little ones can go.

Jardin de Ayora 

It is closed to traffic and with lush greenery all around. It consists of slides, swings, springs and even tubes in which to venture. In spring many children's birthday parties are held there.

Paseo Maritimo

The beach of Valencia is one of the essential places if you want to enjoy your holiday with children. They have adapted many facilities for children to play and have fun, one of the most popular are the pyramids of rope in the sand.

La Casa de los Gatos

This small house was built in 1904 in memory of the four cats who stayed in the Barrio del Carmen that year. Currently a family of kittens lives in the house, but they can only be seen at night.

El Micalet

El Miguelete is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Valencia. Its 70 meters in height are sufficient to enjoy great views from the center of Valencia. It has a spiral staircase with 207 steps that allow you to climb to the top.

Las Torres de Serrano y Torres de Quart

If you want to put aside the games, to enjoy a day in Valencia with children in a cultural outing, do not hesitate to come to these monuments to teach the little ones what were once the entry doors of the Kingdom of Valencia. You can also climb to the top of these towers to enjoy a spectacular view of the city. Sundays and holidays entry is free.

Parque de Cabecera y Bioparc

It is situated near Mislata, in the Turia garden. This park has an area of 330,000 m2 and has different activities for the entire family. You can find playgrounds for children with a pirate ship, a huge garden where children can romp and a nice pond with ducks. 

Valencia's famous Bioparc is also in this area.  This is an "open" zoo where the animals are free to roam in an area  that emulates the natural landscapes of Africa.

One of the most comprehensive plans to spend the weekend with children is to visit a museum with the family. Many of these museums, besides exhibitions, offer workshops and activities for children.

Iber, Museo de los Soldaditos de Plomo

It is one of the most original museums in Valencia and the largest museum of historical miniatures in the world. Recreate some of the most important and famous scenes of the story that is sure children will love.

Museo de Ciencias Naturales

At the Museum of Natural Sciences you can enjoy exhibitions of dinosaurs and fossils, which children love and also learn with interactive modules, guided tours and educational workshops.

Museo de Historia

The History Museum offers a fun way to discover the history of Valencia, entering the life of its inhabitants to see first hand how they lived. In the Valencia History Museum children can enter in the "time machine".

Museo de Prehistoria

The Prehistory Museum of Valencia offers exhibitions, guided tours, educational activities for children and a library specialized in archeology.

La Ciudad de las Artes y la Ciencias

La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias offers many activities for children: a 3D puzzle of the City of Arts and Sciences, a video arcade with which children can 'play and learn', workshops on new planets and the expansion of the Space for Children. The City presents itself to the world as a unique place where to learn and enjoy science, nature and technology for the whole family.

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