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The Green Routes


The green routes are ideal ways for cycling or walking.

In Spain there are more than 2,500 kilometers of disused railway infrastructure that have been reconverted into cycle routes and walkers within the framework of the Greenways Program, coordinated by the Foundation of the Spanish Railways.

The railway, the most ecological means of transport, provides us with new forms of non-motorized transport through the railroad tracks that are out of service.

In Spain there existed in 1993 more than 7,600 kilometers of lines that no longer have train service, or that they never got to have it because they are unfinished the construction works.

This heritage of great historical and cultural value is rescued from its oblivion and total disappearance, since it offers an enormous potential to develop reuse initiatives for ecotourism purposes, in accordance with the new social demands.


Since 1993, these old railway lines have been conditioned to be used by travelers who are somewhat different from those who took them by train: cyclists, walkers and people with reduced mobility.

There are 4 itineraries available in the province of Valencia:

Green Route Ojos Negros - 67,7 km

The green route of Ojos Negros between Teruel and the valencian cost is, at the moment, the longest green route in Spain. For its length, 160 km, it has been divided into two sections.

The river Palancia's valley is the background where this route goes through on the mining railroad of Sierra Menera. From the highland of Barracas, at the foot of the Javalambre mountain, the green route of Ojos Negros descends to the productive valencian orchards on the banks of the Mediterrean.

Green Route of Safor - 7 km

The lines of orange blossom.

The long tract between orange trees of the green route of the Safor is the best way to get closer to the Horta Sur of Valencia through the labyrinth of ditches and the perfume of orange blossom.

Green Route of Xurra - 15 km

A green route through orange trees in the outskirts of Valencia.

The region of the Horta Nord is crossed by two railway lines originating in Valencia: the one of the railroads of the Generalitat Valenciana (FGV), which arrives till Rafelbunyol, and the one of Renfe, to Barcelona. But next to these existed a third line that today has been dismantled, that crossed cleanly this region following a rectilinear way. A green route recovers part of this tract through orange trees.

Green Route of Lliria - 6 km

Flat and relaxing itinerary through the hills and fields of the region of Camp del Turia. Between Lliria and Benaguasil, it ends in the Turia National Park.



The Green Routes

The green routes are ideal ways for cycling or walking.

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